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Shannon B. Reilly 

A lil bit about me.....



When I was a little girl I sat in my Dad's garage at his giant easel and the smell of the pastels and the India Ink was so overwhelming. I started to copy the temporary drapes my mom put up in my room and books we got at school. In high School I fell in love with Pen and Ink. My teacher entered some of my artwork and entered it in the Laguna Beach Museum of Art. I won a scholarship to their summer program. 

In 1992 a friend took me to a local tole painting shop, and we rented a video, bought the items listed (paints, brushes cleaners) and I learned to paint.  My friend was teaching classes in her garage, I went and have been painting ever sense. 


In 1994 found myself in a minor car accident but the timing was perfect....my Mom had just purchased a Ceramic shop and I stayed with her to recoup.. After about a year I started teaching in the shop 2 nights a week and weekends. I connected with a mold and color company and traveled a bit for them, teaching piping, past and brushstrokes. As time went by things slowed down, we closed the shop and I went into Real Estate. 


Now I'm BACK and I so appreciate everyone who encouraged me to resume sharing my art form. Going to give it a good run. I have returned to teaching locally and soon, some new things are coming. I have had great mentors and lots of encouragement. 

Thank you for your support over the years! It has meant so much to me. From my heart...Thank you!